Different Brands of Treadmills

Different Brands of Treadmills

A treadmill is a great companion for someone’s fitness goals to achieve a stronger body and a healthier life. With a treadmill, one does not have to go outside to run and walk for a cardio exercise.

A person can do both at the comfort of his home and at his own pace. This is truly beneficial especially to someone who gets too busy with his professional and personal life.

Indeed, having a treadmill at home is beneficial to one’s health and lifestyle. But with the many types of treadmills and brands, choosing the best one to buy could be a challenge. Below are some of the types of treadmills in the market today and a quick definition for each one of them.

NordicTrack Treadmill

NordicTrack is a leading international brand of the best treadmills in the market today. It manufactures treadmills of various types such as the traditional treadmill, treadmill desks, and incline trainer treadmills. Those models, except the desk treadmill, include touchscreens using Android browsers.

Also, all the models are compatible with iFit Coach application that allows the user to have unlimited download of various workout activities which include scenic and interactive workout activities and programs with Google Maps capabilities. The price range of this treadmill is between $799 and $3,499 both online and in retail stores.

Sole Treadmill

Sole Fitness is a brand of treadmill that is owned by a Taiwanese company called Dyaco International. This famous treadmill brand is being used in fitness facilities in various hotels. It can also be used in residential fitness rooms. Sole Fitness treadmills are available online at SoleTreadmills.com with prices ranging from $899 to $3,499.

Cybex Treadmill

Cybex International, Inc, is a treadmill brand that manufactures first class treadmills in the United States. Distribution of the treadmills is done globally.

The treadmills of this brand are specifically designed for commercial purposes, but consumers can get a warranty either for residential or commercial warranty including light commercial warranty. The price of this treadmill starts at $5,000.

Woodway Treadmill

Woodway is a brand of treadmills which is known for its extra-ordinary performance, long-term value, and unique features.

The treadmill they manufacture can be used for up to 150,000 miles prior to any track maintenance being required. Some of the treadmills they manufacture are capable of being operated without the use of electricity. Fee starts at $5,000.

Octane Fitness “Zero Runner”

This is a high-quality brand of treadmill that has a headquarter in Minnesota. This treadmill is popular for limiting the impact on the user’s joint or knees while doing a cardio exercise.

They are powerful treadmills and yet friendly on the user’s joints. They can be used either in commercial or residential fitness centers. The price range of this product is between $2,299 and $6,299.

Precor Treadmill

Precor is another high-quality treadmill brand. It is owned by a Finnish company named Amer Sports Corporation.

They manufacture treadmills both for commercial and residential and they are known for their premium quality components equipped with digital training feature. The price of this treadmill range between $2,000 and $8,700 in retail stores.

Life Fitness Treadmill

Life Fitness is a brand of treadmill that is owned by a company named Brunswick Corporation. It is a corporation based in Chicago which was established in 1845.

The treadmills manufactured by this brand can either be used for residential and commercial purposes. Their treadmills would cost between $2,000 and $7,000 and are available both in their website and retail stores.

ProForm Treadmill

ProForm is an affordable brand under the ICON Health & Fitness organization. It is equipped with iFit feature and speakers that can be used to listen to music while working out. This treadmill is being sold by different retailers and manufactures at the ProForm.com website. The price of this treadmill would start at $599.

Nautilus Treadmill

This treadmill brand has a headquarter in Vancouver, Washington. This brand has a model or series called Nautilus which is great for residential settings, but uses professional or commercial fitness quality. This treadmill is available for about $1000 and also comes with competitive warranties.

LifeSpan Treadmill

This is manufactured by PCE Fitness in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their treadmills are used in residential and commercial fitness centers. The price of this treadmill brand would range between $799 and $7,495.

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