Some of the Best Foldable Treadmills Out There

Some of the Best Foldable Treadmills Out There

Foldable treadmills have really gone a long way over the years. They have been greatly improved in terms of functionality and design to meet the demands of its growing market.

Unlike before, foldable treadmills that are also sturdy are now available in the market and are offered by several brands like Smooth, NordicTrack, and Sole. They used to be very limited leaving its clients without much choice when looking for a space-saver treadmill.

With the many foldable treadmill brands and models out there, choosing the right one that will best suit your needs could be challenging.

There are many factors to consider such as prices, quality, and durability. There are also some treadmills with advanced features making the selection process more difficult.

But to make the process of selection a lot easier, below is a buying guide showing a list of some of the best foldable treadmills in the market today.

Presented below are their features, prices, warranty information, and some other details that will help you choose the right foldable treadmill to meet your fitness goals and lifestyle.

Commercial 2950 Treadmill

The top feature of NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill is its running deck measuring 60″ x 22”. It has a 4.5 CHP motor and is compatible with iFit Live. It is also equipped with a 15-inch HDTV monitor and a 10-inch web-enabled touchscreen display.

Its incline feature can be adjusted from 0 to 15% and the decline is from 0 to 3% decline. This folding treadmill also boasts of its SpaceSaver® technology plus EasyLift™ Assist feature. This treadmill comes with a 3-year warranty for labor, which proves this product’s warranty.

Other treadmills in the market offer only 1 year or 2-year labor warranty. It is also very durable with a 400-pound weight capacity.

Sole F85 Treadmill

The Sole F85 treadmill is one of the best foldable treadmills sold in the market this year. It comes with a labor warranty for the first 2 years, which means that it can be repaired at no charge in case it malfunctions.

Its best features are the 22″ by 60″ track, a full wireless heart rate monitoring technology, and a 4.0 CHP motor. The programming and screen of this treadmill, however, are not as advanced as the other treadmills out there. The model is actually from 2013, but it still performs like the machines from commercial fitness centers.

This treadmill is also known for being very easy to fold. A user can just push a button and see it fold or unfold automatically by itself. The Sole F85 treadmill has 5-year warranty for the electronic parts. The treadmill also has a lifetime guarantee for its steel, high quality motor, and frame.

Horizon Adventure 5 Treadmill

This type of treadmill is very affordable. But despite its affordability, this treadmill offers great value and performance like the more expensive treadmills out there. The Horizon Adventure 5 Treadmill is a 2015 model. It has 60″ by 20″ deck, 35 built-in workout programs, and 2.5 CHP motor.

Its most advanced feature is ViaFit Connect, which allows the user to track his or her fitness programs and progress online. It also allows Passport video workouts, which allows your training workout to be connected to your television.

It will then virtually immerse the user in various beautiful destinations around the world. The video will change depending on the user’s workout intensity and speed. This treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty for its motor and frame, a 3-year warranty for the parts, and 1-year warranty for its labor.

Yowza Foldable Treadmill

If a user just plans to walk instead of run, then this treadmill is what you need. This is also ideal for short and not too heavy individuals. Yowza folding treadmill regularly gets positive reviews because of its great customer service and product quality. It offers a 2.75 CHP motor and a 52″ by 20″ track.

It also boasts of having a variety of fitness programs and conducts some fitness tests using an individual’s heart rate information. The Yowza folding treadmill is available in the market for less than $1400. It comes with a warranty and return policy within 30 days.

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